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I do strategy/creative direction/copywrtiting, mostly for direct-to-consumer businesses with online stores. I'm definitely not the person to hire if you want words that sit up straight and blend in. Brands that want a distinctive voice and style, be it bossy or hippy or full-on satire, should proceed without caution and get in touch ASAP.You can jump on my newsletter to see what it is all about and geek out on email marketing tips, start-up ideas, dumb challenges, and marketing remixes of brands in the wild.

natural anti-aging & ways to make your brain work better(Giveaways, Reviews, & embarrassing stories)

In my teens I got sick with autoimmune stuff:
food allergies, gut issues, itchy and dry skin that would react to whatever I put on it, chemical sensitivities where I would black out or get short of breath if someone sprayed perfume or aerosols, fatigue, and depression.
I probably missed something on that list 🙄
The specialists in their white coats finally said "naw we dino whats up".So I found my own answers.I hate DIY (so wasn't going to make my own skincare from the essence of a rose and olive oil) and hanker after good design (both packaging and just well-thought-out products).I tried zillions of brands and got p***** off with a lot of them who masquerade with their "organic" labels or flat out don't work like what we are used to in the "chemical" world. Was surprised to learn that "natural" doesn't always mean "safer", too.One brand made such a difference with my skin reactions, and then later, my energy and a bunch of other internal thangs, that I ended up becoming an affiliate promoter with them. I have used them for 10 years and have fallen in love all over again now that they are leading the way with non-toxic anti-aging products.My emails are equal parts helpful tips, product recommendations, giggles and giveaways. They include brand recommendations outside of what I rep, as well, cos I'm an ADHD who seeks novelty, what can I say.

About (disclaimer: weirder IRL)

I was the girl in school who was drawing everybody else's topic cover pages so I never handed in something of my own. I started penning song lyrics in my teens. They sucked but I think that's where my love of "word-smithing" started.Didn't think I would have a career doing things I loved, to be honest.But I had to quit my steady office job because my autoimmune stuff had spiralled out of control.I was on government welfare twice as I tried to get back to a "proper job"... and when I found the skincare that didn't give me reactions and so told everyone in earshot, well, that propelled me into sales.Selling the skincare pulled me off the benefit, and then people started asking me to do marketing things for them and I got into volunteer work, launches, and content. The sales experience made a huge difference in how I approach marketing and is something I'd recommend to marketers everywhere.Long story short, marketing chose me. I was being asked to write for people before I ever heard of the word copywriting, and getting phone calls from friends to "run this business idea by you and see how you'd get it started".I love it enough to do it for free, but part of being an adult is paying bills and thinking about the future, so, no.Hobbies include making excuses to hang out with my niblings, taking 'mental health days' so I can go hiking, writing dramas for the stage, and buying books I will never get around to reading.


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